New pamphlet! “In 2016, Jason Pilley stood in the local elections in his home-town Southend-on-Sea and came sixth of seven candidates. In 2017 he stood for Southend West in the General Election and came last, receiving 0.07% of the total vote-share. In 2018, after forming his own political-party, the Psychedelic Future Party, he again stood in Southend’s council elections and again came last. The lessons learnt over the last few years have been condensed into a handful of diamond axioms: follow these nine Rules and you too can enjoy the fruits of failure.” Download pdf here!




PSYCHEDELIC adj. mind manifesting; mind opening; consciousness altering. n. a substance capable of inducing transmundane states of awareness.

The CIA were obsessed with LSD throughout the 1950s: as well as enjoying it recreationally they were convinced it could be employed as a brainwashing agent. But the spooks never quite managed to get that to work for them, so eventually they handed Albert Hofmann’s elixir over to the psychologists.

In the early 60s, Harvard professor Timothy Leary advanced a hypothesis the control-freak CIA had naturally missed: Leary proposed that psychedelic plants and chemicals could be used to modify people’s behaviours and beliefs, but only when those people actively wanted to be thus changed; only when they’d approached the psychedelic experience from a position of informed consent, as opposed to the Cold War doping-tactics of the Counter-Intelligence Agency.

Early work with psychedelic substances revolved around this idea, that people could use them to alter the state of their psyche. Better Living Through Chemistry. One area where this view immediately proved itself was in the treatment of addiction: Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, praised LSD as a valuable tool for kicking a destructive booze habit, and subsequent research has consistently shown that psychedelics are effective weapons against addiction to genuinely dangerous narcotic drugs.

Other researchers visited prisons and gave “magic mushrooms” to volunteer prisoners who wished to keep out of jail in the future. As predicted by Leary’s hypothesis, rates of reoffending were slashed for those inmates who’d cleansed their doors of perception.

In his book “The Human Encounter With Death,” psychologist Stanislav Grof describes his experiences in the field of psychedelic therapy through the 60s and 70s, administering LSD and DPT to terminally-ill patients. In most cases the patient’s attitude to impending death was radically altered, invariably for the better. This experiment has been replicated recently at Johns Hopkins University, in one of the occasional psychedelic studies the Inquisition allows to be conducted.

When mind-expanding tryptamines and phenethylamines were legal (i.e. before loads of working-class and middle-class kids began enjoying themselves a bit too much), the beginnings of a whole new scientific discipline were sketched out. It appeared that the energy generated by controlled exposure to biochemically-induced transcendental states could be channelled: lateral-thinking breakthroughs could be hastened, mental-health issues could be treated, the learning process could be accelerated, people’s relationship with religion could be remoulded, recharged… And then it all got criminalised so who knows?

But, in one of those legal experiments that sometimes rarely still occur, a recent study at Imperial College London investigated the use of psilocybin mushrooms as a treatment for depression. It was found that they are effective, because of their ability to “reset” brain circuits. This is what Timothy Leary said decades ago. He spoke of “reimprinting” rather than “resetting” but it’s the same notion: psychedelics can be used to correct the bad grammar in your brain, psychedelics are tools to help you Change Your Mind.


Created to accompany the secret “Extra Second London: Magic ” event, held in a chapel in Bethnal Green, January 2018…

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For a monster, Pamela Geller is surprisingly likeable. For a rabid Far Right hatemonger she’s surprisingly liberal: although she is politically on the Right she’s a supporter of gay marriage, pro-choice, etc. For a Nazi/fascist/white supremacist, she’s a bit too proudly Jewish. For an anti-Muslim bigot she seems to have spent rather a lot of time helping Muslims, especially young Muslim females escaping from violence.

And for an ignorant Islamophobe, she seems to know quite a bit about Islam.


All right-thinking souls know that the Twin Towers were brought down by George W. Bush to effect a tyrannical takeover of the United States for a couple of years, before putting himself up for re-election. Back in 2001 however, Pamela Geller somehow got the idea that Islamists had something to do with it. She responded to 9/11 with an attack of her own, an intellectual assault on the ideology of jihad, learning everything she could and doing her best to educate others too.

Perhaps she should have just listened to affable celebrity Reza Aslan. After a particularly big terror attack – I forget whether it was the one where we all responded by holding up inflatable pencils, or the one where we sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” or the one where… – Reza appeared on CNN to patiently yet indignantly deny any connection between these violent acts and the teachings of his faith, which, he stated, “is just a religion, and like every religion it depends on what you bring to it.” Whatever questions I may have had about Islam, that certainly answers all of them. But Reza and his nice smile weren’t around in the immediate aftermath of the 2001 attacks, so, while all proper-minded Americans were wondering how long before the TV and the football got back to normal, Pamela Geller started slogging through ibn Ishaq’s “Life Of Muhammad” and Ali Dashti’s “Twenty-Three Years,” she began penetrating the Quran.

The Quran is a book and, like every book, it’s trying to tell you something.

SEE NO *****! HEAR NO *****! SPEAK NO *****!

“Fatwa: Hunted In America” documents Geller’s subsequent transformation from a newspaper publisher and socialite into a woman who needs 24/7 armed guards; a survivor of several assassination attempts; a pariah who’s been smeared and defamed by everyone from the Southern Poverty Law Centre to Donald Trump, from ISIS to the UK Government. They know her name in the desert: the sort of men who stone homosexuals and adulterers have issued death-sentences for Pamela Geller.

This book recounts her non-stop campaigns and controversies, the numerous lawsuits she’s filed and the steps her enemies have taken to try to silence her. She’s an ardent Republican who thinks Obama was the devil: few people reading this are going to agree with everything she’s done or said, but even fewer could deny that at every step she has fought bravely and righteously.


Seriously though, Donald Trump condemned Pamela Geller for being “unnecessarily inflammatory towards Muslims.” That was after she organised a display of some cartoons. Again with the cartoons…

Following the massacre at the “Charlie Hebdo” offices in early 2015, devout Muslims across the world demanded that more be done to ensure their religious sensibilities would not be offended so sacrilegiously ever again. In Garland, Texas, this manifested as a “Stand With The Prophet In Honour And Respect” conference at the Curtis Culwell Centre. Geller, responding, organised a “Draw Muhammad” contest at the same venue.

Two men drove a thousand miles from Arizona to be at the “Draw Muhammad” event. They parked up, got out of their car with their guns and started shooting. But Pamela had learnt from others’ mistakes: she’d taken her security seriously and had brought a SWAT team along. Result: two dead jihadis, no other fatalities. It became apparent in the ensuing investigation that the would-be killers were in the early stages of planning an attack on some other target, possibly the Super Bowl. We’ll never know how many deaths and injuries they would have caused had Pamela Geller not flushed them out early.

Result: Geller was pilloried across the media for causing violence, for provoking terror, for getting people killed, for putting lives at risk. She was slammed as offensive, uncivilised, insulting, “unnecessarily inflammatory.” Anjem Choudary, Fox News, Garland’s mayor, all united in criticism of Pamela Geller. The FBI knew what was going to happen and did nothing. Even the surviving members of “Charlie Hebdo” sneered at her!

Geller compares this to a rape-victim being blamed because of the mini-skirt she was wearing, but anyone engaged in such squalid victim-blaming would generally concede that rape is wrong too. So the analogy doesn’t quite work: for the Pamela Gellers of this world, 100% of the attention, 100% of the blame and the condemnation, is on you. It’s just easier that way. This is why the “Charlie Hebdo” crew had to be posthumously transformed from lifelong anti-racist activists into racists; from soixante-huitard Leftists to sexist-homophobic-xenophobic haters. By keeping the focus entirely on the dead cartoonists, by twisting them into Right-wing Islamophobes, no-one had to be inconvenienced with questions like: and the ones with the guns and the Blasphemy Laws, anything sexist/homophobic/xenophobic about them? Where do their political convictions sit on the Left-Right spectrum? And where do those convictions come from and who shares them?

Pamela Geller really is Right-wing, she’s sometimes shrill and obnoxiously American and of course she gets things wrong, you can go through her writings and beliefs and find much to criticise. And the texts that are held up as justification for her slaughter: anything to criticise in them?

“I condemn all forms of violence! No-one should be targeted for drawing pictures, but…”

“Sure: and the ideology calling for the violence, do you condemn that?”

“…I oppose all forms of extremism.”

“FATWA” shows just how dangerous a little knowledge plus a big mouth can be, but the sense you get reading it is that Geller doesn’t regret anything. She could have safely settled on the 9/11 attacks being part of a somewhat over-elaborate cunning plan by New World Order lizards to build an oil-pipeline in Afghanistan which they subsequently decided not to build, or it could have been Third World insurgents punishing us for the wicked things we’ve done, or another dastardly plot by hook-nosed Christ-killing Zionists to subvert a fair nation; or else she could have maintained her beliefs but fled, there was always the Witness Relocation option, forgotten away like Molly Norris. Nah: Geller is a tough New York knight who suspects she’s going to win and that Fourth Wave feminists – once the present miserable generation is done cannibalising itself – will regard her as an icon, or at worst as some ballsy mad aunt who might make you cringe a bit but who you wouldn’t exactly want to see lynched by backwards ultra-reactionary theocrats.


For Theresa May, abject historical incompetence isn’t a new thing: as Home Secretary in 2013, she banned Pamela Geller from entering the UK on the grounds that Geller’s planned appearance was “not conducive to the public good.” It was claimed that her statements and actions could “foster hatred” and might cause “inter-community violence.” We let in men like Syed Muzaffar Shah Qadri who was banned from preaching in Pakistan, too extreme an Islamist for Pakistan, he had no problem getting into England; but we banned the mouthy Jewess who told a bit too much truth to power.

The UK owes Pamela Geller an apology. And the whole world owes her a fair hearing: “FATWA” is an inspiring, depressing, terrifying, instructive book, worth anyone’s time.


“You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”

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