1) Let all fans of marijuana (smokers, non-repentant ex-smokers, non-smokers who nonetheless believe that the matter of altering one’s consciousness should be left to the individual not the State) willing to stand up and be counted set a day on which to stand up and be counted. Saturday, for example.

2) Come the day, we descend on our local police-station with spliffs and pipes (hash cakes and bud-butter biscuits for the health-conscious). Sit-in, spark up, refuse to budge until we are punished under The Full Force Of The Law.

3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 until someone somewhere gets the message.

4) Henceforth consume muchos weed and hash in licensed bars, every toke taxed so maybe they’ll not have to keep closing down libraries and children’s facilities. Righteous high!

– Captain Swing, King of the Crossroads


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