“We understood we couldn’t make it illegal to be young or poor or black in the United States, but we could criminalize their common pleasure. We understood that drugs were not the health problem we were making them out to be, but it was such a perfect issue for the Nixon White House that we couldn’t resist it.”

– John Ehrlichman, Chief Domestic Advisor to President Nixon, speaking in 1995 to Dan Baum, author of “Smoke And Mirrors.” (The quote comes from a radio-interview on “We The People.”)



Creary Myers, co-founder of the Psychedelic Action Network and editor of the transmodernist anti-journal “The Puncture That Fixed Itself,” took Best Newcomer and Best Original Screenplay at the 2010 “Channel Omega” Film Festival for her début feature “The Clock That Cried ‘Stop!'” This was followed in 2011 by the criminally neglected “Love-Letters From The Horizon” in which she retraced the footsteps of Jack Kerouac on his 1957 trip to London. In the following brief interview – originally published in “Collisions” magazine – we caught up with Ms. Myers and asked her what happens next…

COLLISIONS: You’re currently working on a project called “Exit Inertia” – tell us everything you want to tell us about that.
CM: “Exit Inertia” is a sci-fi cut-up poetry novella (ha, yeah). It’s about combining all these crazy elements to express something sci-fantastic.
COLLISIONS: You’re also working on a film – what’s it called? What’s it about? What does it MEAN?!?!?!?
CM: The film is about a couple, reggae, London as a place and social ideas about relationships. It’s part personal experience part arty fiction.
COLLISIONS: Optimist or pessimist?
CM: Pessimist but optimistic that that can change.
COLLISIONS: Right, the entire universe has been hijacked by the God of Evil, who has turned it into a weapon firing into the heart of Heaven! The mere possibility of possibility, not to mention everything that exists or has existed or could exist, is about to be obliterated!! What can YOU do to save us??
CM: Nothing, we have to work together to save each other.
COLLISIONS: One last question: if you were me, what one last question would you ask you? and what would the answer be?
CM: Do you want to go get a drink?
…Yes, that would be great.