Most people recognise that the contemporary school-system is a factory designed to turn healthy children into weak adults, a dreary machine whose components must be made to think the same thoughts about the same subjects in the same way at the same time. The so-called teachers at Shoebury High School, sternly sending their students home for minor infractions of the uniform-code, are telling them: “The trivia with which you’re being forced to stuff your heads is far less important than the fact that you all look identical while doing so.”
    Apologists for the totalitarian ideal of Uniformity inevitably declare that standardised dress protects children from the attentions of bullies. This is a stupid, immoral, cowardly lesson to be teaching the young: “Keep your head down, don’t stand out, fade into the crowd, do what everyone else does and hopefully the bad guys will leave you alone!” Allowing human-beings the basic dignity of choosing their own appearance, their personal style, encourages the growth of traits such as self-determination, self-esteem, individuality and the ability to stand up for oneself: but perhaps these qualities are not considered desirable by our corporate overlords, who want from the school-factories nothing more than regular and reliable quantities of craven and interchangeable wage-slaves.

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